E-qual Electronic Portfolio will maximise your quality and efficiency.

E-qual Electronic Portfolio ensures that you can deliver high quality assessments as efficiently as possible, allowing you to increase your candidate numbers whilst reducing workload.how-will-e-qual-benefit-me

E-qual Electronic Portfolio will:

  • increase productivity by reducing administration workload
  • increase assessment quality with more flexible access to candidates
  • allow you to track e-portfolio progress and identify issues more efficiently
  • ensure better internal quality assurance through an audit trail of activity
  • help your quality assurance become more efficient with automated reporting

Our system enables your assessment team to deliver higher quality assessments by giving them more flexible access to candidates and their eportfolios. A reduction in administration allows them to expand their caseload by working more efficiently.

By easily tracking their candidates' progress, assessors can deliver higher quality assessment by quickly identifying and addressing any issues, leading to a reduction in the completion time of assessments.

The efficiency of your quality assurance or verification process is greatly improved through automated reporting, whilst the audit trail of activity within the software leads to better quality assurance.

No work is printed out for assessment. This process has obvious 'green advantages'.
Jim Stewart, Angus College